• Flea control doesn’t just mean treating your dog. Flea treatments for your home and yard are just as essential in keeping parasites in check.

    To deal with a flea infestation, not only do you need to kill the fleas on your pet, you also need to treat the habitat your pet lives in. While adult fleas reside mostly in your animal’s skin and hair, the eggs and larvae of fleas will be found wherever your pet roams. This means that even after dealing with the infestation on your furry friend, the fleas may return soon. Here’s a short guide to flea treatments for your home and yard.

    Indoor Treatment
    • Before you start treating your home with any sort of flea removal product, there are some regular household procedures you can do to make your job easier. Vacuuming your carpets daily can remove half of the flea eggs in your home. Make sure to vacuum under drapes, near furniture, and where your dog sleeps. When you dispose of the vacuum bag, make sure to seal it in a plastic bag.
    • The next step is to use a product that will both kill adult fleas and stop younger fleas from developing. These products come in various forms, such as flea sprays, foggers, and carpet powders. Make sure you check all the health warnings of these products, making sure they work with your situation. Things to consider are asthma, children, presence of other pets such as fish and birds, and allergies.
    • After treating your home, make sure you wash your pet’s bedding at least weekly, and continue to treat it with a flea killer and growth inhibitor.
    • Flea control is an ongoing process. Make sure to keep every place your pet goes is clean and well looked after.
    Outdoor Treatment
    • Since you can’t really use a fogger or flea spray on your entire backyard, you’ll have to resort to different methods of keeping fleas out of your backyard. One thing you can do is try to keep your dog out of dark, moist areas where fleas will thrive. This can be under decks or porches, or anywhere particularly shady.
    • Disturbing the flea habitats will keep them from getting out of hand. Be sure to rake away leaf piles, grass clippings, or any other organic debris.
    • Raccoons and other pets will carry fleas into your yard. Try to keep them away from your pet.

    Remember that in addition to treating your pet’s environment, you should treat your pet as well. Fleas are tough creatures, and a comprehensive plan of attack is needed to get them away and keep them away.

  • dog sleeping on carpet

    Flea eggs will go anywhere your pet goes, so make sure to keep track of his movements.