• Breeding is a very important period in your fish’s life and it is when good nutrition is most essential.

    If you want your fish to breed, you are going to need to make sure that all of the conditions are just right. Part of this is making sure they are eating properly. Fish that have an improper or low quality diet will not be healthy enough to breed. Here are some nutritional guidelines to help ensure that your fish will be fit for breeding:

    High Quality

    Though you should be feeding your fish high quality food all the time, you should try to raise the bar when feeding a breeding pair. Certain foods will help your fish get healthy and active enough to breed. These include:

    • Live Foods: Including worms and brine shrimp as well as many others, live foods are the premier diet you can give your fish. Be careful, though, as they can often carry foreign diseases into your tank.
    • Frozen and Freeze Dried Foods: Frozen foods include frozen varieties of the live foods listed above. These are often desirable as they offer the nutrition and quality of live foods in addition to having a lower risk of bearing disease.
    • Spirulina Based Foods: These foods are based on the high protein blue green algae known as Spirulina and are some of the healthiest flake foods you can give your fish.
    Varied Diet

    Though each of the foods listed above are nutritious and great for breeding fish, a breeding fish should not get by on one food alone. You should vary their diet by including some of each of the foods listed above in addition to your fish’s normal diet staple. This will help your fish get all of the various nutrients they need.


    Though it can be tempting to spoil your fish with food, you should keep in mind that overfeeding is unhealthy for fish. It leads to poor water quality and increases the risk of digestive problems, both of which will put your breeding fish at risk. Try to give your fish the same amount of food that they receive regularly by reducing their normal diet staple as you increase the amounts of high-quality foods.

    Risks of a Poor Diet

    If you do not feed your fish properly during breeding, it can have serious consequences. Fish need the nutrition boost from an enhanced diet to properly reproduce. Without this, they may not breed. If they do, however, there is a good chance that the eggs or fry that they produce will be too weak to survive.

    Continue Diet after Breeding

    Do not stop the enhanced diet immediately after your fish are done breeding. They will be tired, and you should continue feeding them this way for a few weeks, before gradually weaning them back to their normal diet.

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    Live worms are great breeding food. Try whiteworms and night crawlers.