• Supplements can be important, especially if you keep predatory or breeding fish.

    There are a host of specialty foods you can use to supplement a general maintenance diet. Depending on the type of fish and whether you are breeding them, some of these specialty foods may be optional or extremely important.

    Predatory Fish: Supplemental foods like freeze-dried krill, plankton or shrimp are a good choice. If you’re planning on getting a piranha, consider food supplemented with vitamins; or you could nourish the feeders that you give to the piranha with the supplements instead. Live food is not always necessary. Frozen foods like whole fish or beef heart are acceptable piranha provisions.

    Breeding Fish: Baby or adult brine shrimp, microworms, earthworms, black worms, tubifex worms and crickets can be used as supplemental foods for breeding fish. Vitamin A is critical for spinal growth, Vitamin C is necessary for healthy bones and teeth, and pantothenic acid and folic acid are key factors in metabolism.

    These foods can be offered once or twice a week as a supplement. By themselves, though, they do not represent a complete diet. Be sure to consult your retailer when choosing these side items and don’t forget your fish’s main course.

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    Vitamins in flaked food can deteriorate quickly.