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    Hartz Nodor® is a breakthrough odor encapsulating technology that truly eliminates cat urine odor on contact instead of covering it up. It makes litter box maintenance easier and leaves your home smelling fresh. If you’re not eliminating cat urine odor, guests can smell that awful ammonia odor no matter what you use.

    Nodor® is not baking soda, an enzyme or a masking fragrance.

    The odor encapsulating technology surrounds odor molecules permanently stopping them from causing odor.

    Many popular household air and surface products only mask odors and are not safe around pets.

    Nodor® technology is safe for use around people and pets. It is non-toxic and non-allergenic.

    Nodor® wont clump litter.

  • The full line of cat litter
    solutions to keep your home
    smelling fresh and clean.

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