• Hartz® Scoopable Paper Cat Litter is a revolutionary new product that offers excellent odor control and clumping benefits, in a litter form that is lightweight and made with recycled material.

    • Nodor™ Technology Eliminates Odors
      Odors are instantly locked in upon contact with moisture, and a fresh, clean scent is released.
    • Clumps Firmly
      Immediately absorbs moisture and forms firm, tight clumps that are easy to remove. No need to worry about seepage to the bottom or sticking to the sides of the box.
    • Made with Recycled Material
      Product is manufactured with 70%
      recycled material.
    • Changes Color
      Clumps change color when soiled – for easy cleanup!
    • Low Dust and Less Tracking
      Get a cleaner litter experience with minimal
      dust and low tracking.
    • Lightweight
      Weighs up to 70% lighter than clay.
      Easy to carry and use.
  • If there is concern with getting accustomed to the new cat litter, try the following:

    1. Place clumps or solids from the other litter on top of Hartz® Scoopable Paper Cat Litter in the litter box.
    2. Pour a small quantity of the other litter on top of Hartz® Scoopable Paper Cat Litter, until your cats get used to coming into the litter box.
    •   Fill clean litter box with 2-3 inches of Hartz® Scoopable Paper Cat Litter.
    •   Scoop out clumps and solids daily, and dispose in trash. Do not flush.
    •   Refill litter box as needed. Maintain cat litter level at 2-3 inches.

    *For best results, empty the litter box once or twice a month, and replace with new cat litter.

    Hartz® Scoopable Paper Cat Litter is available to purchase at Hannaford stores.

    Do you have questions about this product?
    Contact us at 1-800-275-1414.

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