• Rats!


      Hi everyone, if you're just starting out getting a new pet rat, let me first congradulate you. Rats are great pets, I know, I have 3 of my own. I love my ratties, there my babies. I have 1 male, Xavier, and 2 females, mother,Piper, and her daughter, Spot. I think most people have no idea why other people would own rats. I get that question so many times when I tell people my list of pets I have. Rats are very smart animals, they can be litter-box trained, and just trained to do tricks in general. I love having my pet rats out to play,I usually just close the bedroom door where they live and let them out to play, seperate times for my boy and the girls ofcourse. But anyways, anyone who is thinking of having rats as pets, I say go for it because they are the best small animals I've ever owned!!! They usually don't bite unless there not socialized, then ofcourse they will bite because they think you're harming them. But if you socialize you rats from as soon as you get them, they will become your best friend in no time. If you have scared or fearful rats, mostly bought from pet stores, because they don't socialize their animals like they should, then the socialization with the rats will take alittle longer than expected of most other rats. And I'm saying "rats" because I wouldn't have or suggest getting just 1 rat, they are very social animals, meaning they love having another rat living with them, they have someone else to groom them and to snuggle up with at night. All in all, pet rats are the best small animals ever, and if you're choosing a small pet for an adult or even a child, get rats, you'll love them!! Good Luck! * * * * Rats make great pets! They are smart and can become quite people friendly. Be sure to provide environmental enrichment to your rat as they can become bored quickly. Dr. Melinda, DVM, PhD

      Summer T.  Morrow, OH

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