Flea Prevention is Better than a Cure

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That proverb certainly rings true once fleas have entered your home and it becomes too late for preventative measures. So what can a pet owner do to prevent fleas from jumping into their domicile?

Here are the top three tips from Hartz Pets on how to keep fleas from infesting your home:

1) Survey Your Yard – If you maintain a yard where your pets spend a lot of time, it is important to make sure that your yard is not the source of flea infestation. Fleas flock to moist, shady and cool places and stay clear of sunny areas. “Take a walk through all the areas that the pets like to hang out,” advises Dr. Georgette Wilson, resident veterinarian at Hartz. “Take the ‘white sock’ test and walk around your yard to assess if any fleas are attaching themselves to your socks.”
If the yard yields positive for fleas, decide on a method of flea removal which may be insecticide or natural solutions such as cedar wood chips or a combination of both. Be sure to follow the directions closely and keep your pet out of the yard until the fleas and flea eggs are eliminated.

2) Keep Home Tidy – “Fleas go through 4 stages in its life cycle: eggs, larvae, pupae, and the adult stage. Adult fleas only make up 10% of the total flea population,” says Dr. Wilson. “The other 90%, flea eggs, larvae and pupae, can live in carpets, rugs and furniture. It’s important to vacuum the entire home regularly including under cushions and furniture with a focus on where your pet likes to hang out.” Dispose of these bags immediately and be sure to steam clean the carpets to ensure all fleas and larvae are removed.

3) Keep a Comb Handy – “Consider running a flea comb through your pet’s fur before they return home to assess if any fleas have taken residence,” says Dr. Wilson. “If you snag any fleas, you can remove them before they gain access to your home.”

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