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Hand selected, wholesome fruit and vegetable based diets nutritionally balanced for pet birds and small animals


Since 1926, pet parents have trusted Hartz to ensure their best friend is happy and healthy throughout every life stage

Bird Learning Center

Green pet parrot with a candy corn beak, perched inside cage getting started

Getting Your Home Bird-Ready

Since most homes aren't naturally bird-friendly, bird owners will want to shop around for the right cage.
During the winter, your pet bird may become stressed by the cold habitat

How to Prepare Your Bird for Winter

Many birds need your help adapting to the changing seasons.
A beautiful pet parrot eating a piece of fruit, perched on a branch getting started

Caring for Pet Birds: A Few Helpful Tips

Caring for pet birds can often seem like a daunting task. Birds are more exotic than dogs or cats and not many people know how to give them proper care.