Bringing Fish into the Classroom

When choosing a pet for the classroom, many teachers will choose fish.

An aquarium provides a tranquil and soothing visual oasis for children. While children will not be able to hold and cuddle their fish, there are still many ways to bond with them while learning responsibility.

Caring for fish teaches children about fish behavior and how to be a responsible pet owner. Teachers can develop their students’ bonding with the classroom fish by teaching them how to maintain a healthy aquarium:

Aquatics 101 – Discuss what is involved with taking care of fish, including the pet’s basic needs and the supplies required to take care of the fish.

Naming the Fish – Children naturally feel greater affinity to animals that have names. Teachers can create a contest to name the fish.

Building Responsible Students - Teachers can assign different responsibilities to students regarding the fish to ensure that they are properly fed and cared for.

Fish Observation – Watching fish interact and swim in the aquarium is fascinating and soothing. Children should be encouraged to ‘take five’ during the school day to watch the fish and observe their behavior and patterns.

Fish Facts – Every species of fish has a treasure trove of facts. Did you know that Goldfish never close their eyes?

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