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Caring for Pet Birds: A Few Helpful Tips

Birds may seem very different from more traditional pets such as dogs and cats, yet the same basic rules apply for their care The essential ingredients are love, attention, good nutrition,...
Caring for your bird means feeding them a diet containing fruits

Starting a Bird Family

Thinking about breeding your bird Visiting the vet, hand-feeding hatchlings, investing in special nesting supplies and having an emergency plan in place are just a few issues that may need...
Breeding your birds the proper way: nutrition and nesting

Choosing Your Pet Bird

Captive versus wild bird types As you think about what type of bird would fit best into your family, also consider the issue of captivity Common pet bird types include finches, canaries,...
A pet parakeet playfully dibbling on its owner's finger

Getting Your Home Bird-Ready

Choosing the right cage Bird cages are readily available at most pet shops and come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes Size: A general rule is that adult birds should be able to...
A vibrantly green pet parrot, gazing from inside its cage