Birds | Getting Started.

Caring for Pet Birds: A Few Helpful Tips

Caring for pet birds can often seem like a daunting task. Birds are more exotic than dogs or cats and not many people know how to give them proper care. Birds may seem very different from more traditional pets such as dogs and cats, yet the same basic rules apply for their care. The essential […]

Starting a Bird Family

Breeding and raising baby birds requires a significant time and financial commitment. Thinking about breeding your bird? Visiting the vet, hand-feeding hatchlings, investing in special nesting supplies and having an emergency plan in place are just a few issues that may need your attention. Too hefty a commitment for some, but if you have the […]

Choosing Your Pet Bird

Birds are social creatures who, given proper training, can be loving lifetime companions. Many species of birds are known to have an extraordinarily long lifespan, some living as long as 100 years. Captive versus wild bird types As you think about what type of bird would fit best into your family, also consider the issue […]

Getting Your Home Bird-Ready

Since most homes aren’t naturally bird-friendly, bird owners will want to shop around for the right cage. Choosing the right cage Bird cages are readily available at most pet shops and come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Size: A general rule is that adult birds should be able to fully stretch their […]

Know Your Pet Bird: An Introduction to the Parakeet

At Hartz, birds are one of our favorite animals. When trained and taken care of properly, birds can be great loving, lifetime companions. We want you to become further acquainted with our aviary friends, and this week, are going to introduce you to the parakeet. Did you know that parakeets are a smaller species of […]