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Celebrating the Holidays with your Pet Bird

The holidays are fun but they can be hectic. Here’s how to keep your pet bird safe, relaxed and engaged. Holiday fun isn’t just for the people in your family. Your pet bird will feel the festivity too and want to be a part of it. Celebrating the holidays with your bird is a great […]

Putting Your Birdcage in the Right Place

It may seem like a bird’s environment is just inside his cage, but the outside world matters just as much. Your bird’s environment is very important, and though it seems as though what’s inside his cage would be more so, it is just as important to find the right location in your house for your […]

How to Choose a Bird Cage

A proper living environment depends on your bird’s size and personality. Your bird’s health greatly depends on how well he adapts to his environment and how safe, secure and stress-free he feels with his owners. Pet birds require spacious cages for both physical and psychological health. Small, flighted birds need room to fly to and […]

How to Prepare Your Bird for Winter

Many birds need your help adapting to the changing seasons. Most birds that are kept as pets are native to a rainforest climate. These pet owners must take steps to prepare their bird for the change in temperature and humidity that occurs during indoor winters. Your pet will become stressed if not properly cared for, […]

Spending Time Outdoors

Getting outside with your bird can be rewarding. Follow a few smart tips and it will be safe as well as fun. Mixed opinions abound; birds are meant to fly so take them outdoors! They are pets and not wild animals so leave them in a cage, indoors! It is only natural, however, that as […]

Keeping Your Bird Entertained

Compared to life in the wild, caged life can be quite dull for a bird. You’ll need to help him liven it up! Just like us, birds need to be entertained. Unlike dogs and cats, that have free reign of the house, birds are often confined to their cages. Thus, they’ll need a lot of […]