Birds | Nutrition.

Make Your Own Bird Treats

A birds diet that is fun and easy. Feeding your bird doesn’t have to mean just seeds or nuts or commercial food. Birds love a good snack too, and many birds need treats to give them variety or additional nutrients in their diet. You can usually buy these treats from any pet store, but a […]

A Bird’s Daily Diet

Because of their high metabolism, birds are sensitive to nutritional deficiencies. In the wild, animals find ways to naturally balance their diet. But in the cage, proper nutrition is up to you. Nutritional deficiencies are a leading cause of disease among birds, so knowing what your animal needs is imperative. Birds require a mixture of […]

Foods Birds Should Avoid

There are some foods that should be enjoyed in moderation and others your bird should avoid altogether. In captivity, birds’ diets and energy requirements are different from their ancestors in the wild. They no longer have to compete for food, territory, or environmental stability, defend themselves or fly. This is advantageous to the long-term survival […]