Pet parrots love eating bird foods like fortified seeds

A Bird’s Daily Diet

In the wild, animals find ways to naturally balance their diet But in the cage, proper nutrition is up to you...
Bright faced bird exhibiting normal behavior in its cage

Bird Behavior Basics

Fortunately, birds are normally healthy and seldom show sudden behavior changes unless ill Most changes in...
Human training a pet bird to eat out of their hand

Bird Training Basics

Training your bird is an essential part of your relationship with him Not only can it be used to curb bad...
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Your Bird’s Body Language

Birds express themselves in many ways Even though you think they may just squawk when they want to tell you something, they actually use body language very intricately Here are some of the...
Birds communicate with body language like grinding their beaks

How to Teach your Bird to Talk

For those species that can be trained, a significant vocabulary can be developed - as long as you are willing to be patient Repetition, consistency and praise are the keys to...
You can teach your bird to talk, but it takes some patience