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The Best Holiday Gifts for Cats & Dogs

Cats and dogs might not realize what the spirit of Christmas, Hunukkah or Kwanza is all about, but they sure can sense the excitement With so many cat toys and dog treats to choose...

Correcting Bad Bird Habits

Birds are very intelligent animals, but can frequently be misbehavers as well Many pet bird owners have had to deal with their birds screaming, biting, acting aggressively, and generally...
Only the calmest types of parrots will cease from biting or screaming

Bird Training Basics

Training your bird is an essential part of your relationship with him Not only can it be used to curb bad behaviors and make your bird easier to deal with, but it can be a fun way to...
Human training a pet bird to eat out of their hand

Training Your Bird to Talk

Not all pet birds are capable of mimicking speech Among the species that are known to be good mimickers are: African Grey Parrots Amazons: Blue Fronts, Double Yellowheads, Red...
A blue feathered pet parrot, leaning in toward owner, during training

How to Teach your Bird to Talk

For those species that can be trained, a significant vocabulary can be developed - as long as you are willing to be patient Repetition, consistency and praise are the keys to...
You can teach your bird to talk, but it takes some patience