Birds | Training & Play.

Correcting Bad Bird Habits

Many pet birds display behavioral issues that can be difficult to deal with. Birds are very intelligent animals, but can frequently be misbehavers as well. Many pet bird owners have had to deal with their birds screaming, biting, acting aggressively, and generally being difficult. These behavior problems are often curable, as long as you are […]

Bird Training Basics

Most pet birds are very responsive to training, and doing so can help curb unwanted behaviors. Training your bird is an essential part of your relationship with him. Not only can it be used to curb bad behaviors and make your bird easier to deal with, but it can be a fun way to interact […]

Training Your Bird to Talk

Before you start, remember that not all bird species can be trained to talk. Not all pet birds are capable of mimicking speech. Among the species that are known to be good mimickers are: African Grey Parrots Amazons: Blue Fronts, Double Yellowheads, Red Loreds, Yellow Napes Budgies/Parakeets Cockatiels Lorikeets Lovebirds Mynah birds Quaker Parrots Some […]

Your Bird’s Body Language

Pet birds are known for being very intelligent, emotional, and communicative creatures. It is very important to understand their moods and behaviors so that you can have a better relationship with a healthier bird. Birds express themselves in many ways. Even though you think they may just squawk when they want to tell you something, […]

How to Teach your Bird to Talk

Some bird species will speak more clearly than others, and personality will also play a role in what your bird picks up from his environment. For those species that can be trained, a significant vocabulary can be developed – as long as you are willing to be patient. Repetition, consistency and praise are the keys […]