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Protecting Your Kitty from Summertime Heat

Even in your home, cats can heat up quickly as temperatures rise Ensuring your kitty is comfortable during the hotter months can help them avoid overheating and preserve their playfulness...
Cat lying on porch in the summer sun. Protect your cat from summer heat.

Can wild turkeys keep your yard free of ticks?

According to Wild Birds Unlimited, an adult turkey is one of the most voracious tick predators around, and an individual may eat 200 or more of these little critters in a given day The...
Wild turkey that may be able to control the tick population in your yard

The Importance of Vaccinating Your Cat or Dog

Vaccinations are essential to protecting your furry family member by creating a defensive level of antibodies to build up immunity from communicable diseases In the simplest sense, when a...
Veterinarian preparing syringe with vaccination against viruses for black dog

Safe Usage is Crucial with Flea & Tick Products

Some products are only available from a veterinarian while others can be purchased at retail These products include ingredients that kill adult and immature stages of pests, as well as...
After receiving a flea and tick treatment, tabby cat goes roaming outside

The Three Most Common Places Fleas Are Found

Where are fleas before they latch onto an unsuspecting cat or dog The Yard - Fleas thrive in many climates but prefer moist, humid and shady areas They love to live in wood piles and...
Small puppy scratching at fleas behind ears in the backyard of a home

Climate Changes and Flea & Tick Infestation

“Earth’s 2016 surface temperatures were the warmest since modern record keeping began in 1880,” reports NASA and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration While we could...
Gorged tick walking across wet leaf, because of changes in world climate

Selecting A Vet For Your Cat

One of the most important aspects of being a good pet parent is choosing the right vet for your cat The best time to take care of that responsibility is BEFORE any sort of emergency makes a...
Brown and white furred cat being patiently held at a visit to the vet