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How to Control Your Cat’s Shedding

Shedding helps to replenish your kitty’s fur and keep it in tip-top shape – basically, there is no way around it But we’ll tell you the science behind why cat’s shed, the breeds...
A white cat with a thick coat that requires regular grooming

11 Fall Pet Dangers to Avoid

The crisp chill of autumn is upon us, that means changing leaves, cozy sweaters, and lots of holidays But along with all that excitement comes some dangers for your adorable pooch and kitty...
In the autumn, your dog could succumb to mushroom poisoning

Health and Your Cat’s Coat

Regular grooming not only makes your cat look clean and healthy, it also gives you an opportunity to examine his skin and fur closely for potential issues There are many diseases that...
Grooming your cat with a brush will help detangle mats of hair

Urinary Tract Health – Cats

Learning to interpret your cat’s behavior can be both enjoyable and, often times perplexing While some feline behavior can mystify us, it’s important to be able to distinguish between...
Orange and brown furred cat who may have a urinary tract infection

Summertime Cat Care

It’s up to you to make sure your cat stays cool as the temperature soars during the long, hot summer Here are a few tips that will keep him comfortable and healthy Keep your cat’s...
A thirsty cat licking up water from inside a glass, to avoid heatstroke

Arthritis and the Aging Cat

Arthritis is a degenerative, painful inflammation and swelling of the joints While arthritis can be triggered by an injury or a systemic infection such as Lyme disease, most arthritis is...
A cat with arthritis may be not willing to get up after sleeping

How to Treat Hairballs

Hairballs, or trichobezoars, generally cause vomiting of a non-serious nature  They can, however, cause serious obstructions that require surgical removal Other side effects include...
Washing a pet cat in a bathtub by hand to prevent hairballs