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The Importance of Spaying

For many years, we were taught that cats had to be at least one year old to be spayed or neutered Today, that mindset is changing The American Veterinary Medical Association now endorses...
Reclining on her side, mother cat allows her newborn kittens to nurse

Feline Health Concerns

You need to be sensitive to changes in your cat’s disposition so that you will be able to immediately recognize signs of trouble Below are the five most common causes of serious feline...
The intense gaze of a cat, free from any feline diseases

Mosquito Bites and Your Cat

Along with the warm and humid days of summer comes the mosquito Although cats seem to be guarded against mosquitoes by their fur, they are vulnerable to bites on their ears and noses As...
After feeding on blood, a female mosquito lays eggs on a host

Dealing With Allergies to Cats and Dogs

Around fifteen percent of the United States population suffers from dog or cat allergies, so there’s a decent chance that someone in your family is allergic This could present a huge...
If a cat gets too close to you, you may exhibit symptoms of an allergy