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Tick Removal Tips for Your Cat

Tick check and removal Ticks are easily picked up when outdoors After outings, be sure to conduct a thorough “tick check” to ensure that no ticks have latched onto your cat If you find...
When you find a tick on your cat, it may already be dead

Flea Treatment for Cats

Immediate Treatment If your cat has just picked up fleas, we recommend a fast kill approach using products such as Hartz® UltraGuard Plus® On Pet sprays, powders and shampoos These...
Until treated, a cat with fleas will repeatedly scratch their body

How to Work with a Cat Who’s a Fussy Eater

Whether you've just decided to adopt a cat or you're a longtime pet parent, most cat owners will tell you that their cats can be particularly fussy about their food from time to time Cats...
You can in fact feed your cat tuna and other omega 3 fatty foods

Top 5 cat care mistakes to avoid this summer

Unfortunately, for many individuals who keep an active schedule or have plenty of trips planned in the coming season, this could come at an expense of their cats' overall well-being Being a...
Behavioral problems with your cat may necessitate a vet visit

Tips for Keeping Your Pet’s Bed Flea-Free

However, the Gridley Herald reported that the real problem might not be in your yard - your pet's sleeping area may be the real trouble Many experts agree that one of the most overlooked...
A flea and tick treatment will spare you and your pet lots of stress

Helping Your Cat Deal with Hairballs

Although, it's probably preferable to "trichobezoar," the other name for these pesky messes Hairballs are the result of a cat's naturally cleanly nature All of that grooming leads to a lot...
A fibrous diet for your cat could eliminate hairballs

Caring for FIV-Positive Cats

While this is one of the biggest feline health concerns you'll face as a new pet owner, if you're going to only have a single cat home, there's no reason why you can't provide a loving...
Pamper your FIV-positive cat with lots of toys and affection