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Planning A Road Trip with Your Cat

By Sandy Robins It’s a good idea to own two cat carriers; one exclusively for trips to the vet and another strictly for going places so that your cat knows when something fun is about to...
Cat traveling with owners, sticking her head of the car window

Travel Checklist for Your Cat

The easiest way to travel with your cat is to make sure that you have a detailed checklist, so that you do not forget any important items  Below are the must-haves: Food and water...
All the essential dog supplies, like a metal bowl, harness, and ball toys

Should your cat be kept indoors or outside?

While you may think that letting your cat outside is a wonderful way for him or her to get exercise and mental stimulation, it will also put your pet at risk for a wide range of feline...
On average, the lifespan of your outdoor cat will be 4 years shorter

Flying with Pets

You may have already guessed the answer to that question - it's your job! Knowing the risks of airline travel are half the battle, so you're on the right track to keeping your pet safe and...
Your dog can indeed travel onboard a plane, if they're small enough

How to Make Your Garden Cat Friendly

We're here to offer some suggestions of how to plant your garden so it can be enjoyed by both you and your cat Cats love to be outdoors as much as dogs, yet their inquisitive nature can...
Your cat will gravitate to flowers like catmint when exploring outside

Importance of Pet Proofing Your Home

In general, the major sources of potential hazards for our pets include foods, plants, medications and every day household items Be Careful What You Share When we enjoy foods and...
pet proofing your home, pet safety at home

Keep Your Pets Safe this Valentine’s Day

Here are a few foods and gifts to keep out of reach of pets to keep them safe and out of the vet’s office during the most romantic time of the year Chocolate: Chocolate is the most...
Avoid giving your dog any Valentines Day foods or they'll get sick

Getting Your Pets Ready for Back to School

This change can be particularly hard on your dog if your child is starting kindergarten and you are going back to work for the first time At this crucial time, it is important to not...
A dog with separation anxiety is likely to wait by the window