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Why does your cat rub against your legs?

Including his crazy response to catnip, the shape he takes when he's frightened and, of course, his habit of rubbing against you and your guests When it comes to that last one, there's an...
Rubbing up against legs is an essential part of cat body language

Watching TV with your cat

Whether your cat is an outdoors animal or not, it can be tough keeping up with ideas to entertain your pet during the dog days of summer While a catnip toy or even regular paper grocery...
Cats like watching birds, from your window or television screen

Summer vacationing with or without your cat

After all, cats are trained to use their litter boxes and pet parents can buy time-release dishes that fill at set hours But when it comes to longer vacations, cat owners need to make up...
If leaving your cat home alone, ensure somebody checks on them

Tips to help keep your yard safe for your pets.

However, adequate flea and tick control is necessary at all times to ensure that animal wellness is never compromised Unfortunately, not all dog and cat owners are up to speed on what...
Get rid of fleas and ticks in your yard before releasing your pets

How to Prevent Your Cat from Eating House Plants

Unfortunately, if you own a cat, these plants can be particularly tempting for them to eat when you're not around, and while some may be safe for your companion, others may put him or her...
Stop your cat from devouring your plants by investing in cat grass

How to Keep a Clean Home with Multiple Cats

However, if you're thinking of adopting a cat and have visions of your home turning into one of these environments, there are plenty of ways that you can adapt your house to accommodate...
Resist the temptation to use one litter box for multiple cats