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Improving Your Indoor Cat’s Quality of Life

If you're worried about your cats health and think that your feline could use a bit more stimulation when lounging around the house, there is a wealth of improvements you can consider that...
Windows to the outside satisfy the longings of any indoor cat

8 Fourth of July Safety Tips for Your Pets

Skip the Table Scraps: Human food is never great for your pets, but did you know that some table scraps can actually be harmful Some cooked bones, onions, avocado, grapes and raisins are...
Walk your dogs before the fireworks to tire them out

Keeping Your Cat Indoors During Summer

Traditionally, most cat owners would let their feline venture around the neighborhood during the day and let their feline in at night, but a majority of veterinarians and pet wellness...
A majority of vets recommend against outdoor cats in general

Spring Cleaning Your Pet-Friendly Home

If you have a pet-friendly household, you may have to take some additional things into consideration when starting your spring cleaning Toys Slobber, dirt, and hair all accumulate in...
Washing and vacuuming is how you can clean your dog's bed

Helping Your Pet Mourn the Loss of another Pet

If you’ve recently lost a pet and have seen visible changes in your other four-legged friend’s demeanor, appetite and energy level, they are probably grieving in the same way that you...
Depressed pets will always appreciate a new adopted friend

Decorative Ideas for a Cat Friendly Home

However it’s important to compensate for keeping them inside by enriching their lives with much needed mental and physical stimulation A few simple decorating ideas can easily transform...
Maintaining a cat friendly home your feline will love