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Why Cat Food and Dog Food is not the Same

While felines and canines have similarly been domesticated from wild ancestors to become the companions to us they are today, each require very specific diets based on their unique...
cat eating cat food, dog eating dog food

How to Safely Remove Ticks from Cats and Dogs

Learn the do’s and don’ts of removing these pesky parasites, as well as how to protect your cat or dog and their environment to prevent future infestation Checking for Ticks When...

Can My Pet Get Fleas During the Winter?

You can protect both your pet and your home by using preventative solutions all year round Flea Facts Many pet owners falsely believe that fleas die off in the winter, and therefore...

The Importance of Vaccinating Your Cat or Dog

Vaccinations are essential to protecting your furry family member by creating a defensive level of antibodies to build up immunity from communicable diseases In the simplest sense, when a...
Veterinarian preparing syringe with vaccination against viruses for black dog

Do Cats and Dogs Get Sunburns Too?

Too much sun can leave your cat or dog feeling not so hot While summer offers the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, the consequences of prolonged sun exposure on those blissful days...
Dog sniffing a cat outside after receiving a treatment for sunburns

Pesky Parasites

One of our top initiatives at Hartz is to provide effective preventative flea and tick care for your companion animals These small and silent parasites have canny ways of creeping into your...
A golden retriever seated on the grass, scratching at fleas or ticks