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Can My Pet Get Fleas During the Winter?

You can protect both your pet and your home by using preventative solutions all year round Flea Facts Many pet owners falsely believe that fleas die off in the winter, and therefore...

Pesky Parasites

One of our top initiatives at Hartz is to provide effective preventative flea and tick care for your companion animals These small and silent parasites have canny ways of creeping into your...
A golden retriever seated on the grass, scratching at fleas or ticks

Safe Usage is Crucial with Flea & Tick Products

Some products are only available from a veterinarian while others can be purchased at retail These products include ingredients that kill adult and immature stages of pests, as well as...
After receiving a flea and tick treatment, tabby cat goes roaming outside

The Three Most Common Places Fleas Are Found

Where are fleas before they latch onto an unsuspecting cat or dog The Yard - Fleas thrive in many climates but prefer moist, humid and shady areas They love to live in wood piles and...
Small puppy scratching at fleas behind ears in the backyard of a home

Climate Changes and Flea & Tick Infestation

“Earth’s 2016 surface temperatures were the warmest since modern record keeping began in 1880,” reports NASA and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration While we could...
Gorged tick walking across wet leaf, because of changes in world climate

Tick-Related Diseases

Wet, mild winters usually result in an explosion of the tick population increasing the risk that your pet may come in contact with any of the numerous tick-bourne diseases Knowing a little...
While feeding on your pets, ticks can transmit diseases like Lymes

Mosquito Bites and Your Dog

Along with the arrival of warm and humid summer days comes an ever-present annoyance - mosquitoes Although your dog’s fur or hair offers some protection against mosquito bites, he is...
If a mosquito were to bite your dog, it could transmit an infection

Flea-Related Illnesses that Affect Your Dog

Left untreated, fleas can multiply rapidly and make your dog seriously ill That’s why it’s important to check your dog for fleas on a regular basis and act quickly to eliminate any...
If untreated, a sick or elderly dog with fleas could develop tapeworms

How to Tell if Your Dog has Fleas

Left untreated, chronic infestations not only make your dog miserable but can lead to infection and more serious flea-related diseases Being aware of the signs and symptoms of flea...
Some symptoms of dog fleas include constant biting and scratching. Can you see fleas on dogs?