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Keeping Your Senior Dog Happy in Old Age

As the years go by, you'll come to find that your dog isn't as limber as he used to be With age, he won't be as excitable as a young pup, but that doesn't mean you should stop physical...
Keep your aged dog sharp by teaching him a few new tricks

Helping Your Dog Overcome Separation Anxiety

While most dogs can handle the hours of separation, others can't The Humane Society lists the most common scenarios that can trigger separation anxiety Dogs accustomed to constant...
Dark dog resting its snout on the ground, with separation anxiety

Five Ways Dogs Can Benefit Your Health

That amazing friend also happens to be a health booster, and not just because he forces you to go for a walk twice a day Over the ages studies have observed how pets help lower blood...
You and your dog can always play games together

Choosing the Right Apartment Dog

Luckily with so many dog breeds out there it is possible to choose the best one suited for this kind of lifestyle We list the top 20 best apartment dogs: • Chihuahua •...
Apartment dogs should be stable and happy, and not too large

8 Fourth of July Safety Tips for Your Pets

Skip the Table Scraps: Human food is never great for your pets, but did you know that some table scraps can actually be harmful Some cooked bones, onions, avocado, grapes and raisins are...
Walk your dogs before the fireworks to tire them out

Five things all small dog owners should know

Small dogs, just like big dogs, come with their own array of habits, issues and quirks It's not merely that sharp little bark you may have to worry about While a dog is always a worthy...
Being a small dog owner means respecting their size