Fish | Getting Started.

Understanding Aggressive Fish

Don’t simply dismiss fish that are aggressive, they may disrupt the peace in your tank. Many species of fish are naturally aggressive which can lead to problems with attacks on other fish in the tank. That said, this isn’t a reason to avoid these species, though, as many of them are fun, interesting, and intelligent fish […]

Things to Consider Before Starting a Koi Fish Pond

Starting a Koi pond will take time, work, and money, but it can be very rewarding. Here’s what to consider before you get started.   As with any backyard pond, a pond dedicated to keeping colorful Koi, can be a great way to keep fish. Ponds not only provide large habitats for your fish, but […]

Fish Behavior Basics

The key to keeping your fish healthy and happy is knowing what they are saying with their behavior.   Though you may not spend much time playing with your fish, it is important to understand their behavior, just like any pet. The way your fish is acting can tell you if he is healthy or […]

Caring for your Betta Fish

Betta fish are low maintenance, but there are some key things you must do to keep them healthy. Many people think that they can bring home a Betta fish, dump him into a vase, and forget about him. This is simply not true, and probably leads to countless fatalities for Betta fish’ses. The truth is, […]

Selecting Compatible Fish

Take time to research and select fish that will live harmoniously together.   Choosing compatible fish for your aquarium is actually quite simple. But it does take some research. When looking for compatible fish, there are two basic guidelines to keep in mind: Size: A fish will generally eat anything that fits in his mouth […]

Building a Fish Community

A small community of fish that are low maintenance is the way to start.   Most new fish owners start with a community tank, where multiple fish species are kept. What should you consider as you plan this new community? Read on for some tips. Start with robust and inexpensive species. Swordtails, mollies, platies, zebra […]

Quick Start Guide

Have a new aquarium? Thinking about setting one up? These tips can help get you on your way with your aquarium.   How to Set Up Your Aquarium: Thoroughly rinse aquarium, with water only. Do not use detergents or commercial cleansers. Place your aquarium on a level and sturdy surface to avoid stressing the tank, […]

How to Set Up an Aquarium

Why not start with a simple, inexpensive setup so you can decide if fish are the right pet for you?   Choosing a fish bowl Fish bowls and tanks are available in every shape:  hexagons, globes, bow fronts, corner tanks, corner tanks with a bow front, pedestal tanks, tower and coffee table tanks and, of […]