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Healthy Treats for Your Reptile

Even scaley, spiny, slithery creatures appreciate a treat every once in a while. Reptiles have unique diets, but like dogs and most other pets, they like treats too. In fact, many of them need healthy and tasty treats once in awhile in order to fulfill all of their nutritional needs. The types of treats you […]

The Benefits of Treats for your Turtle

Turtles will eat a wide variety of foods, giving you many healthy and exciting treat options. Turtles, more than other pets, are sensitive to monotonous diets. They crave variety. If you continually feed your turtle the same bland food day after day, they will lose interest in feeding time. Unfortunately, turtles are rare enough pets […]

A Reptile’s Daily Diet

Inexpensive, readily available “people” foods are good for some but not all. What reptiles like to eat is as specific as how they like to acquire it. Many reptiles can be happy with inexpensive, readily available “people” foods. But, as you will see from the guide below, many need live insects and small animals to […]

Foods Reptiles Should Avoid

Seemingly invincible, even these creatures have to watch what they eat. Feeding carnivorous reptiles Feeding your reptile live animals can be dangerous for many reasons: Bacteria are common in live meat — particularly in the bodies of rodents. Pre-killed food that has been stored in a freezer for 30 days is the safest, healthiest food. […]

Monitoring Your Turtle’s Health

Knowing how to tell if your turtle is healthy is a very important skill you should learn. As with any other pet, it’s important to keep a watch on your turtle and his health. Turtles are less conventional pets though and this may not be as simple as, say, telling if your dog is sick. […]

Celebrating the Holidays with Your Reptile

Thoughtful gifts, a special holiday feast, and close friends and family. Just how do you celebrate the holidays with your reptile friends? The same way you do with humans: gifts, food and time together. Gifts for your reptile: You can give the gift of privacy with a new hide-away, or update his habitat to a […]

Keeping Your Reptile Clean

Use your nose as well as your eyes to determine whether your reptile is clean. Most reptiles are messy. They do a lot of digging, disruption of their substrate, shedding, water splashing and defecating. In nature, these factors present no particular problem to the reptile on the run. In the confines of your reptile’s vivarium, […]

Oral Care for Your Reptile

It may surprise you to know that reptiles need dental and oral care. Your pet is vulnerable to a host of health problems stemming from his own mouth. The most common dental condition is mouth rot. Mouth rot, or Ulcerative Stomatitis, is an infection of your lizard’s gums and mouth caused by small cuts and […]