Small Animals | Getting Started.

Choosing Your Child’s First Pet

Buying or adopting a pet for your child is a big step. It’s important to know how to pick out the perfect companion before you head to the pet store. A first pet is an exciting and demanding challenge for a young child. Most children love animals, and the thought of them having their own […]

Small Animals in the Classroom

Small animals in the classroom help children develop compassion and learn responsibility. Never underestimate the power of a pet. Pets increase a child’s interest for understanding all forms of life and help foster respect for the animals that share this planet with us. Classroom pets also are a fun way to build observation and listening […]

Small Animal Senses

Most small animals have the same senses that humans do, but they vary in intensity. Viewed by most other animals as prey, small animals have highly developed sensory organs that enable them to sense and survive danger. For the most part, small animal senses are much more fine-tuned than those of a human and, in […]

Is it a boy or a girl?

Often we find the sex of a pet when they present us with a new family! The best way to learn whether your pet is a male or female is to take a visual lesson from an experienced pet shop owner, breeder or veterinarian. Following are some of the visual cues these experienced folks look […]

International Rabbit Day is September 22

International Rabbit Day is a day to celebrate the joy that rabbits bring to our lives and to promote happy, healthy environments for pet rabbits. This holiday is typically celebrated each year on the last Saturday or Sunday of September. Did you know that, according to Petco, rabbits are the third most popular pet in the […]

Safety Tips for Small Animal Play

Small animals can be a lot of fun to interact with if you plan ahead and follow a few safety tips. Most of us get a pet for companionship and for the simple joy of playing and spending time with the animal. Unlike dogs or cats, small animals such as gerbils, rabbits and guinea pigs […]

Holiday Safety for Your Small Animal

The holiday season can pose unique hazards to your small animal. The holidays are a festive season for both the family and the family pets. However, it is also a season that can expose your small mammals to unique hazards that are completely harmless to humans. You can keep your pet out of harm’s way […]

Which Small Animal is Right for You?

Step aside cats and dogs; small animals can make great pets, too! Small animals have a great deal in common, but also some significant differences. Learn more about each of the animals below before deciding which type of pet is right for you. Gerbils Gerbils are bold and curious animals that are not strictly nocturnal […]

Small Animal Checklist

Gather the tools needed for creating a clean, safe and stimulating habitat for your pet. Your small animal has some unique care requirements. Their instinctive behaviors and peculiar anatomies call for some things you may never have considered. Sleeping Chamber: If your pet is a burrowing animal, and this would include most small rodents, then […]

Understanding Your Guinea Pig: A Guide to Behavioral Patterns

Pet guinea pigs are active, inquisitive animals that can make great companions. Understanding what their behavior means will help you build a closer relationship with your furry friend. Guinea pigs are naturally social creatures, and exhibit a wide range of behavioral expressions. If you can learn to interpret these behaviors, it will make for a […]

The Realities of Rabbit Ownership

Bunnies can make wonderful indoor companions for many animal lovers. They are small, cute, fluffy, and can be really fun pets! Thanks to the Easter Bunny, rabbits are also widely considered a symbol of the holiday and therefore frequently given as gifts. Rabbit sales during this time of year have unfortunately become a very lucrative […]

Spotlight on Pet Rats

What are your initial reactions to the thought of owning a pet rat? If you have never cared for a pet rat, you probably have many misconceptions about them.  Many people think that they are dirty, biters, dumb, and all-around pests! However, any rat owners will instantly tell you these are all very untrue. What […]