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Your Rabbit’s Behavioral Patterns

Rabbits can communicate a great deal through their range of behaviors. Rabbit behavior can be difficult to interpret. Rabbits, unlike other pets like cats or dogs, are naturally prey animals, meaning that in the wild, they are constantly being hunted. Thus, much of their body language and other behavioral patterns relate to being on the […]

Understanding your Companions Gnawing Needs

It’s no secret that small animals, such as pet gerbils or rabbits, love to chew and need to chew. It’s important to understand this behavior in your pet if you want to manage it. Anyone who owns small pets know that they love to chew. For animals that stay in cages, this means they may […]

Understanding Your Pet Guinea Pig: A Guide to Behavioral Patterns

Pet guinea pigs are active, inquisitive animals that can make great companions. Understanding what their behavior means will help you build a closer relationship with your furry friend. Guinea pigs are naturally social creatures, and exhibit a wide range of behavioral expressions. If you can learn to interpret these behaviors, it will make for a […]

Small Pet Dental Care: How to Clip Overgrown Teeth

Our small animal’s teeth are essential to their well being. If they are getting too long, it’s important to know how to cut them back to size. Most pet rats and pet hamsters will not have a problem with their teeth during their lifetime. If your small pet is happily chewing on toys and food during the […]

Overweight Pet Mice and Rats: How to Manage Your Small Pet’s Weight

Pet rats and mice are small enough that you might not think about their weight. These tiny critters, though, can have problems with girth just like any other animal. Like with any pet, it’s important to monitor your pet mouse or rat’s weight. This task may prove to be a little more difficult than with […]

Knowing Your Small Pets: A Guide to Gerbil Behavior

Pet Gerbils make great companions, but understanding their behavioral patterns will make a close pet even closer. Here’s a short guide to help you do just this. Pet Gerbils may seem like very simple and easily understood animals. For such a small pet, though, they exhibit an enormous range of behaviors that indicate the potential […]

Caring for Your Small Animal While You’re Away

Most small animals adapt fairly well to care and feeding by neighbors or relatives. Leaving a pet at home alone can be stressful for both animal and owner. With most small animals, however, it is more worrisome for the owner than for the pet. Typically, these furry creatures adjust quickly to care from others, but […]

Small Animal Behavior Basics

Is she sick or is this normal behavior? Your pet’s behavior will change as she matures from newborn to adult. Some of these changes, however, can be mistaken for illness or even worse, they can be mistaken for normal behavior when they are actually caused by some underlying disease condition. An alarmed pet can behave […]

Small Animal’s Teeth

Without the proper care, those little teeth can cause big problems. Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats and chinchillas all have one thing in common: their teeth are open-rooted, which means they are always growing. Since their teeth aren’t slowing down, give your small animal plenty to chew on to keep that growth under control. […]

Common Small Animal Ailments

Generally pretty hardy, small animals are susceptible to a host of issues. In general, small animals are pretty robust creatures. With proper nutrition and care they almost never get sick. There are, however, a handful of ailments and symptoms that you should become acquainted with. Coat problems: Hair loss or hair that’s oily, rough or […]