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How to save money on your cat care expenses

Between food, veterinary and other pet-related costs, bringing home a cat is a significant financial investment that you should weigh carefully with your current budget Luckily, there are a...
Maintain pet insurance for your cat in case of any accidents

Spring Cleaning Your Pet-Friendly Home

If you have a pet-friendly household, you may have to take some additional things into consideration when starting your spring cleaning Toys Slobber, dirt, and hair all accumulate in...
Washing and vacuuming is how you can clean your dog's bed

The Realities of Rabbit Ownership

Thanks to the Easter Bunny, rabbits are also widely considered a symbol of the holiday and therefore frequently given as gifts Rabbit sales during this time of year have unfortunately...
A supply of fresh produce is what you should feed a rabbit

Spotlight on Pet Rats

Many people think that they are dirty, biters, dumb, and all-around pests! However, any rat owners will instantly tell you these are all very untrue What you don’t know about them may...
Being intelligent and docile, a pet rat can be an excellent first pet

Perfecting Your Small Pet’s Home

There’s a lot more to a pet’s home than just choosing the right cage Pets need a variety of accessories to keep them healthy and comfortable in their new surroundings- and the right...
Smaller animals make great pets, with the right living space