Being a New Betta Owner

A Betta Fish makes for a great pet. Here’s how to get started!

So you’ve decided you want to become the owner of a beautiful new Betta Fish. Before you jump right in, there are a few things you should know about owning a Betta. Just like any other pet, the first few days and weeks will be the most difficult. Your fish will need to adapt to his new environment, and you will need to adapt to the requirements of Betta ownership.

The Betta Habitat

The first thing you must consider when becoming a new Betta owner is where you will keep him. Though Bettas have often been placed in any old fish bowl or vase, they actually need a specific and well-kept environment. Here are some important things to consider when choosing your Betta’s living space:

  • Temperature: Bettas need a steady temperature, preferably around 80 78 oF, to survive. This means that they can’t be held in a that the bowl should not very small bowl, which can heat up and cool down very quickly. Additionally, your fish’s habitat should be kept away from windows and doors, where sunlight and drafts can change water temperature.
  • Filtration: Like all animals, your Betta fish will be producing waste. In an unfiltered tank, this waste will cause a buildup of ammonia, which can be deadly to your fish. A mechanical and biological filter is necessary to help keep your Betta’s water clean. Or change the water at least once per week if you do not have filtration.
  • Covering: Make sure your tank either has a roof or that you keep the water level a few inches below the rim of the tank. Your Betta is quite capable of leaping from the surface of the water.
  • The Ideal Habitat: Taking these factors into account, the ideal environment for your Betta will be an aquarium of at least five gallons, with a heater, proper filtration, and the right location in your house. Other things to consider are plant or rock cover for your fish, substrate, and possibly other compatible fish. You want your Betta to have as nice a home as possible if you want him to remain safe and healthy.

Bringing Home Your Betta

Introducing your Betta fish to his new habitat is a moment of crucial importance. The shock of switching environments can be fatal for a fish, and you should know exactly how to keep your Betta safe during the transfer.

  • Safe Water: You need to make sure your water is healthy enough for your fish to live in before you make the transfer. You should use conditioner on your water first and let it sit a few days so that any harmful chemicals evaporate.
  • Easy Transition: When you get your Betta fish, float the bag he came in from the pet store on top of the water for about 10 minutes. This will help him adjust to the temperature in the tank, which should be about 78-80 oF. Then, release your fish and let him enjoy his new home.


So there you have it; the right start to your days as a Betta owner. Enjoy! Don’t get complacent, though, once your Betta is properly introduced into his new habitat, there is still a lot you need to do to keep him happy and healthy.