About Delectables

Delectables™ Lickable Treats, the first gourmet wet cat treat, combine tender real chicken & fish and delicious sauces in 3 unique textures – Stew, Bisque & Chowder – for a lickable treat your cat will crave! Products span kitten, adult, and senior lifestages.

Delectables™ SqueezeUp™ is a rich, thick puree in a lickable tube you can hand feed for a fun and delicious treat!


Kitten items are 100% nutritionally complete with vitamins and minerals for kitten growth. Senior 10 years+ items support senior cat health with Vitamins E and B. Senior 15 years+ items contain Vitamins E and B, but also added potassium and prebiotics that support an aging senior cat’s kidney and digestive health.

Learning Center

Your cat's whiskers aid with navigation and spatial awareness getting started

The Story Behind Your Cat’s Whiskers

Ever stare at your cat and wonder what the deal is with whiskers? Are they hairs? Are they some weird mammalian form of antenna? What do they even do?
A curious adopted kitten, staring at owner from inside a box getting started

Cats as Gifts What to Consider

Before you give a family member the gift of a new kitten, make sure you understand the responsibilities.
While napping outside, collared cat's sense of hearing remains active getting started

Your Cat’s World: How Your Feline Uses His Senses

Cats have amazing senses, from sight, to smell, to hearing. Learn how your pet cat uses his senses to his advantage.
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