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Putting the Brakes on Feline Aggressive Behavior

There’s a reason – and a resolution – for most types of aggressive feline behavior. Fortunately, most aggression can be stopped or modified once you understand the trigger(s) that drive your cat’s behavior. While some are obvious, others are more subtle and will take patience and careful observation on your part to decode. Most types […]

Territorial Marking Behavior in Cats

Marking may have evolved to minimize contact with other cats. Experts believe that cats developed marking behaviors to minimize contact with other cats, thus enhancing their odds of survival. Marking their territory is their primary means of communicating with other cats and letting them know another cat is in the area. If you are finding […]

Your Cat’s Body Language

Cats communicate with humans and each other in many unique ways. The wild ancestor of the housecat was a solitary creature. Unlike dogs or horses, they were not pack or herd animals and preferred to hunt alone. Through many years of domestication, the cat has learned to live with both humans and other animals. This […]