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Walking A Cat: How to Teach Your Cat to Walk on a Leash

If you think that dog owners have all the fun when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors in the company of their pets, think again! It takes a bit of time and a little planning, but with the right equipment and attitude, it won’t be long before you’ll be sharing sunny days around your […]

Teaching Your Cat Tricks

With patience and practice, you can train your cat to become a world-class performer. Everyone is familiar with the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But what about teaching a cat – one of any age – to do some of the tricks that we expect our canine companions to perform? […]

Keeping Your Home Odor Free

Regular litter box maintenance and careful clean-up can keep your house smelling fresh. No one likes a home that smells of cat odor. Cat odor can come from a variety of places: litter boxes, cat urine and feces. Each can be managed effectively with a little attention. Litter Boxes The simplest solution for a smelly […]

How to Stop Your Cat From Biting

Cats bite for a variety of reasons. It’s important to understand why if you want to stop it. Some cats love to bite their owners. Some biting can be playful, but biting for the most part is undesirable behavior. Different cats bite for different reasons. In order to fix your cat’s biting behavior, you must […]

Introducing Your Kitten to Their Litter Environment

Cats are fastidious creatures, even at a young age. Follow these simple steps to make housetraining a snap. Give your kitten a safe place to adjust to her new home: A young kitten, especially, might be nervous in her new surroundings. To minimize your kitten’s anxiety and assist with training, confine her to a quiet, […]

When Your Cat Won’t Use the Litter Box

Paying attention to a few litter box specifics can eliminate a common pet peeve of cat owners. Poll any group of cat lovers on which feline behavior is most irksome and you will find that the litter box is ground zero. Cats learn from their mothers how to use the litter box before they are […]

How to Stop Rampant Scratching

Scratching is normal in the wild – but potentially destructive in your home. Furniture scratching is a natural feline behavior. Your cat scratches to condition her claws, exercise, mark her territory and simply because it is fun. Remember: screaming or hitting does not correct behavior, it will only frighten her. You, as the pet parent, […]

How to Housetrain Your Kitten

In the absence of his mother, you can train a kitten how to use a litter box. A mother cat will begin training her kitten to use the litter box as soon as she has been weaned. By the time you bring your new kitten home, the odds are that she has already been trained […]

Cat Training Basics

Training can be as simple as making inappropriate behavior unpleasant and appropriate behavior fun. Scratching the furniture, jumping on the counter and climbing the curtains: like it or not, it’s normal feline behavior. If your cat were living in the wild, these are the sorts of activities she would be engaging in. Unfortunately, these types […]