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Bird Behavior Basics

Fortunately, birds are normally healthy and seldom show sudden behavior changes unless ill Most changes in bird behavior can be associated with growth development, sexual maturity,...
Bright faced bird exhibiting normal behavior in its cage

Bird Beak Problems

The health of your bird’s beak is essential to his overall health Not only does your bird use his beak to eat, he also uses it to communicate, handle objects, move around, and defend...
You should monitor your bird's beak for any breaks or injuries

How Your Bird Uses its Beak

Eating: The primary way your bird uses his beak is simply to eat There are, however, many different methods of feeding, depending on the type of bird and beak Below are some of the major...
An excited pet parrot licking a bunch of berries with its beak

How to Deal with Feather Plucking

Feather plucking can frustrate and worry many bird owners It is a major problem for birds, but is difficult to treat because of its many varied causes The first thing you need to do is...
Pet parrot may start plucking its own feathers out of boredom

Understanding Molting

A bird will naturally shed its old feathers and replace them with new ones Feathers, which are “dead” organic parts - like human fingernails - cannot be repaired by a bird’s natural...
Green and red feathered pet parrot molting during change of seasons

Parasites and Your Bird

Unfortunately, birds are subject to internal parasites just like other animals Internal parasites (usually intestinal) such as nematodes (roundworms) or flukes and tapeworms come from eggs...
Pet bird perched on branch outside, disturbed by intestinal parasites

Is Your Bird Overweight?

Overweight birds are more common than you may think, and unfortunately, the health effects of excess fat can be quite serious Among the more serious dangers related to bird obesity is the...
A fat green and yellow bird, perched in its cage

Beak Care Basics

A bird's beak is not only amazing and versatile, it is also vital to her existence A bird uses her beak to eat, obtain food and move herself from place to place It is instrumental in...
A healthy pet bird with a smooth beak

Monitoring Your Bird’s Health

Regular at-home and veterinary examinations are important, even if you believe your bird is in good health Signs of sickness You should be in tune to your bird’s normal behavior Looking...
Candycorn feathered pet parrot with a good diet and hygiene regiment