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Choosing a great name for your new cat

The first is a litter tray, the next is some delicious cat food, then you'll want a few great cat toys (why not a mouse or two) and eventually it will come time to invest in a collar and...
Rereading a favorite book could deliver you a unique cat name

Tips For Finding the Right Hypoallergenic Cat

There's no such thing as non-allergenic, but hypoallergenic does help a little The worst allergy triggers linger for months in cat hair that drifts through rooms and clings to furniture, so...
A hairless cat could be the perfect hypoallergenic pet for you

Becoming a Foster Parent for a Pet in Need

Fortunately, you can help! In addition to spaying and neutering your pets, have you thought about becoming a foster parent It’s one of the many ways we can help improve the lives of...
Help homeless pets find a home by fostering them