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A Cat’s Daily Diet

More than any other pet, what you feed your cat shows on the outside With proper nutrition, your cat will be more energetic and have a shiny coat Nutrition fundamentals Protein: Protein...
The diet of any cat should include a healthy proportion of protein and fat

Diet Needs for Kittens

From birth to 6 weeks, these tiny, blind and helpless bundles of fur learn to see, walk, play and begin to eat solid food By the end of 6 weeks, they quadruple their weight, use a litter...
Pair of kittens huddled around a bowl of specially formulated cat food

Excess Weight and Your Cat’s Health

A nibble here, a table scrap there won't hurt your kitty, will it Well that may be all it takes to help expand your cat's girth The truth is, one little snack may not hurt, but you'd be...

Using Cat Treats and Supplements Wisely

Pet parents who truly want the best for their cat need to determine the proper balance between food and treats and research supplement needs Treats Your cat may want more than what she...
Cat sniffing a catnip plant inside of her owner's home, as a natural treat