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6 Tips for bathing your dog

As any dog owner can tell you, bathing a dog is like entering the fray of a messy battle You go in uncertain and won't make it out unscathed – likely covered with soap, shed fur and a...

Prepping Your Home for Spring Shedding

The coming season is when your dog or cat will lose the thick undercoat that he or she grows to stay warm during the winter, which will pave the way for a new coat to be grown during the...
While some dog breeds won't shed, be ready for spring cleaning

Pet Nail Trimming 101

According to the ASPCA, calm, enjoyable nail-trimming sessions are not only possible—that’s how they should always be! Check out the following tips for getting your pet to relax while...
Before using a nail trimmer for your dog, acquaint yourself with itBefore using a nail trimmer for your dog, acquaint yourself with it

Seasonal Professional Grooming for Your Pet

One of the tasks that should be at the top of your list is bringing your furry friend into the groomer for a seasonal session This holds innumerable pet care benefits for your canine and it...
After leaving a dog grooming, your pooch will look fabulous