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11 Fall Pet Dangers to Avoid

The crisp chill of autumn is upon us, that means changing leaves, cozy sweaters, and lots of holidays But along with all that excitement comes some dangers for your adorable pooch and kitty...
In the autumn, your dog could succumb to mushroom poisoning

How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Your dog may not like to have his paws touched, but trimming his nails need not become an ordeal Ease into the job by handling your puppy's paws on a regular basis so that she gets...
Dog's paw and nails stretched out at a visit to the vet's office

What are Hot Spots and How to Treat Them?

Written by Dr Elizabette Cohen, Veterinarian, Radio Personality & Pet Owner Have you ever had an itch so intense you couldn’t leave it alone We all know better than to scratch a...
A dog with three hot spots on its paw, going to the vet for a treatment

Making a Pet First Aid Kit for Cats and Dogs

While you should take your pet to the veterinarian for any major ailments, it is important to be prepared to handle all facets of health and safety To do this, you should keep a pet first...
Medical supplies you need during a pet emergency, at the vet's office

Protect Your Dog From the Flu

When flu season rolls around, you’re always on top of it, supplying yourself with Vitamin C, hand sanitizer, tissues, cough drops, and flu shots But have you ever thought about your...
Weary dog who may be suffering from a case of the canine flu

Caring for a Pregnant Dog

Hopefully, you were able to get your dog examined by a veterinarian and updated all vaccinations before the pregnancy This can be vital protection against many diseases from being passed...
In the later stages of pregnancy, pregnant dogs need more calories

What You Should Know About Bed Bugs

By Dr Elizabette Cohen “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite” was practical advice for a good night’s sleep back in the eighteen hundreds when you needed to make sure that...
Bed bug crawls across a blanket, preparing to feed on pets and humans

Dealing With Allergies to Cats and Dogs

Around fifteen percent of the United States population suffers from dog or cat allergies, so there’s a decent chance that someone in your family is allergic This could present a huge...
If a cat gets too close to you, you may exhibit symptoms of an allergy

Kennel Cough and Your Dog

Kennel Cough is a term used to describe a very common ailment in dogs that involves infection and inflammation in the upper respiratory system It is very contagious, and many dogs will...
If your dog has kennel cough, you should isolate them from other dogs