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Is Your Dog Overweight?

If your dog is too heavy, she’s not alone Recent studies suggest that 40 percent of canines in the US – roughly 17 million dogs - are overweight (5-19 % over ideal weight) or obese...

Summer Safety for Your Dog

Many people welcome the summer months as a time to get outside and spend more time with their dog Here, finally, is the chance to run around in the open, head to the beach or maybe to the...
A crate is how you can easily house train your puppy

Exercise for Weight Loss

Like humans, overweight dogs are at risk to develop chronic health problems, including arthritis, injury, heat stroke, complications during surgery and a shortened life span Quality of life...
A smooth haired dachshund racing another wiener dog at the park

Exercise and Your Dog

There are some small lap dogs like Yorkies and Maltese as well as many of the terriers, like the Parson Russell Terrier, that are very active and need almost as much daily outdoor activity...
Small dog off-leash, sans collar, leaping through the air

Arthritis and Your Dog

Just like aging humans, one of the most common problems to beset older dogs – and some younger ones, too – is arthritis, characterized by inflammation, swelling and stiffness in the...
Dog with arthritis resting head and paws on arm of couch

Caring for your Dog’s Eyes & Ears

It is important to regularly monitor the condition of your dog's eyes and ears Eye care While your first concern shouldn’t be about preventative eye care for your dog, it's important to...
Small dog who could be suffering from a runny eye infection