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3 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe While Swimming

In many instances, the opportunities for animals to go swimming arise, but it's not all fun and games when it comes to water Dog wellness can be at risk in the event that a pet doesn't have...
Give your dog plenty of exercise, including opportunities to swim

Dog Toys 101

In fact, the right Hartz® dog toys can be almost as important to your pet's well-being as tags or the right flea and tick care! After all, these toys do more than just entertain your new...
With Hartz, you have your choice of safe and colorful dog toys

Staying Active with your Dog This Spring

There's never a bad season to get out and play games with your dog, but if there's ever a time when you and your pet probably need it the most, it's spring Following a winter cooped up...

Rules of Paw at the Dog Park – Basic Etiquette

Now that it's spring, you can bet that the dog park populations are going to soar Who wouldn't want to enjoy the sunny outdoors with their favorite pet, after all But before you head off to...
At off leash dog parks, always watch your dog carefully

Inside your Dog’s Head – Two Fun Facts

As it turns out, the same is true of dogs! Dogs and humans have been cohabiters for millennia, yet when it comes to understanding their minds, we've only got the minutest of glimpses Sure,...
Dogs and humans have coevolved into best friends over millenia

Top 3 Winter Safety Tips for Your Dog

As a dog owner, this is a time of year when you should take a closer look at your pet care standards and keep an eye out for potential seasonal hazards that could cause your dog unneeded...
Properly care for your dogs in winter by cleaning their paws

Running With Your Dog

If you're about to embark on one of these exercise plans, it's a safe bet that your dog would love to come along with you Canines are great running partners, as they can give you that...
Lose weight and improve your health by running with your dog