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Choosing Aquarium Lighting for Your Tank

There are a lot of components to your aquarium tank that you need to think about to keep your fish healthy and happy: water, filtration, plant life and more One often overlooked aspect of...
Pair of fish swimming in an aquarium with fluorescent lighting

Adding Fish to Your New Pond

Like most other animals, fish need the right habitat to survive So when you’re about to introduce fish to your new pond for the first time, it’s important to your fish’s health that...
Yellow pet fish swimming in fresh water pond

Keeping Your Pond Clean

When it’s clean, your pond can be the jewel of your backyard Unfortunately, though, ponds have are at the mercy of the various forces of nature Algae, dirt, falling leaves, and other...
An outdoor pond for pet fish, free of excessive algae growth

Pond Maintenance

Your pond should be tested for most of the same parameters that apply to the indoor tank—ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH and hardness (GH/KH) Additionally, pond water needs to be tested for...
After being treated for pH, outdoor pond serves as home for exotic fish

Different Fish Types, Their Aquariums and Care

Perhaps the most basic distinction in the fish world is between fresh and saltwater species Whichever group you choose to pursue, you should thoroughly research any fish you intend to...
Open-mouthed goldfish swimming inside of a freshwater aquarium

Controlling Algae in Your Pond

Algae, a single-cell plant, proliferates when properly nourished with sunlight, nitrogenous waste and water Although your fish may enjoy it as food, it takes some pretty big eaters to keep...
Outbreak of algae bloom in a pond, diverting oxygen from pet fish

How to Condition Your Fish’s Water

Successful fish keeping requires some basic knowledge about water conditions and their impact on your fish You don’t need to be a science guru to maintain an aquarium but you do need to...
Your pet fish requires an aquarium with safe and tested water

Aquarium Cleaning

Periodic aquarium cleaning should coincide with regular water changes In addition to replacing anywhere from 10% to 25% of the water, uneaten food, decaying organic matter and excess algae...
A group of fish swimming in an aquarium that's received a cleaning

Keeping a Healthy Aquarium

Think of your aquarium as one living, breathing organism If one part of the whole does not work or is thrown off, the other parts suffer, or over-compensate There are a number of factors to...
A group of small purplish fish swimming in a freshwater aquarium

Maintaining Your Garden Pond

In many ways, having a pond is like an outdoor aquarium Although creating a beautiful pond can be challenging, we think the end result is worth the time invested! Follow these easy steps...
Supply your fish with an outdoor aquarium populated with live plants