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Small Animal Bathing Basics

Small animals (mice, rats, hamsters and gerbils) are clean, odor-free animals that self groom An unusual smell or appearance is most likely due to poor health or poor habitat maintenance on...
A small animal like a gerbil doesn't require any grooming or bathing

Knowing What to Feed Your Pet Rats and Mice

Understanding the nutritional needs of your pet rats and mice is essential Here is a short guide for their daily feeding Mice and rats are known for their propensity to nibble on any piece...

Fiber in Your Rabbit’s Diet

Fiber may be the most important ingredient in your rabbit’s diet It helps his digestive system run smoothly and keeps him fit and healthy Here is what you need to know about fiber and...
A pet rabbit with a diet full of fiber, ready to eat an orange carrot

Dealing with an Overweight Rabbit or Guinea Pig

Just like a human, it’s possible for your small pet to struggle with his weight If your rabbit or guinea pig has a poor diet and gets too little exercise, he will have trouble keeping off...
If your pet rabbit's gone gigantic, they may need diet and exercise

Foods Your Small Animal Should Avoid

Vitamin C: guinea pigs need a lot of it, but in its citrus form it is bad for hamsters Dairy products are OK for some small animals, but not for others The alphabetical list below presents...
Raw iceberg lettuce could cause digestive problems for small animals