How to Find the Right Type of Guard Dog

Dog culture can be a funny thing, especially when you forget that a whole host of owners breed and raise their animals as much for protection as companionship.

What makes a good guard dog, however, isn't always an angry or territorial disposition. A friendly pet with a loud bark can be of exceptional comfort to many dog-owners since - no matter how misleading - that intimidating sound is sure to keep any unwanted attention away from the home, day or night.

You should be wary before jumping into a dog adoption. Impulsive decisions could leave you with a pet on your hands and not enough time or money to care for it!

If you are seeking a pet to protect you, the source provides a few guiding principles. Firstly, a larger dog will have a more intimidating presence. Secondly, you want to be sure that you find a dog that can be well-trained. This will heighten your bond with the pet, but also make for a more effective guard dog - particularly one that's not protective at the wrong times, like when a date or friends show up. Both the source and Cesar Millan's website singled out both German Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers as excellent guard dogs. Both breeds are exceptionally devoted to their owners and can be trained for obedience. On the other hand, as larger breeds, both require regular exercise and plenty of food (not to mention lots of dog treats!).

Animal Planet has a number of great suggestions for family guard dogs as well, should you be looking for a protective pet that's friendly with kids. The Akita is noted for its quiet protective instincts, meaning you won't have a particularly boisterous pet, but a great one, nonetheless. The source also points to Great Danes as gentle giants and suggests the Airedale ("King of the Terriers") Collie, Bullmastiff, Boxer and Bernese Mountain Dog as good candidates. Of course, if all those plus-sized dogs still aren't big enough, you could settle on a hulking Newfoundland or St. Bernard.

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