Hartz® Multi-Cat Strong® Clumping Clay litters contain a unique blend of premium bentonite clay that forms tight, firm clumps for simple scooping.

Clumping Paper Litter is made from 80% recycled paper to reduce our ecological paw print and offers the same tight clumping and odor trapping power as traditional clay – but is 99% dust-free and 70% lighter!


NODOR® technology in our clay litter varieties conquers unpleasant odors by eliminating stink on contact and releases a light, fresh scent that’s kind to your nose.

When soiled, the paper pellets of Hartz® Clumping Paper Litter turn blue so you can instantly spot waste – and it won’t stick to the box or pan.


All Hartz® Multi-Cat Strong® litter varieties feature clumping action to leave a tidy environment, so your furry friend can be part of the clean paws club.

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