Puppy sitting on a Hartz Home Protection dog pad.


Hartz® Home Protection™ dog pads make clean up simpler, replacement and disposal easy, and help to protect flooring from unpleasant accidents.

Hartz® dog pads are ideal for:

  • Puppies in training
  • Dogs home alone
  • Lining crates and carriers
  • Protecting car seats
  • Drying wet, muddy paws or fur
  • Senior dogs
Hartz Home Protection dog pads. Video.


When nature calls, Home Protection™ instantly turns urine into gel to reduce tracking, making clean up a breeze.

Our absorption experts analyzed urine distribution and designed a pad with 6 layers, containing our Flash-Dry® technology which creates a smaller urine spot and allows for multiple uses per pad. A water-proof plastic backing and borders ensure our pads won’t leak or spread.

Larger dog sitting on Hartz Home Protection dog training pad.


The special odor harmonizing capability within our scented dog pads eliminates stinky smells left behind, turning eww to phew. Available in Unscented, Lavender and Clean Powder Scent. In addition to our standard size, Home Protection™ dog pads are also available in XL, XXL and 3XL.

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