• Squeeze Up is the first gourmet wet cat treat where feeding is interactive - have fun and bond with your cat as she paws at you eagerly, begging you to hand feed this delicious and tasty treat to her! Can also be squeezed it into a bowl or used as a savory food topper to entice finicky eaters
  • Rich and thick tuna and shrimp flavored puree comes in a lickable tube that pet parents can hand feed to their cats
  • Includes 4, .5 ounce tubes
  • Intended for intermittent and supplemental feeding only; this product may be fed up to three times daily along with a complete and balanced cat food diet
N.A. Tuna & Shrimp 4 pack
N.A. Chicken 4 pack
N.A. Tuna 4 pack
N.A. Variety Pack 10 pack
N.A. N.A. 4 pack
N.A. Chicken & Veggies 4 pack
  • Product Description

    Squeeze up some fun with Delectables Squeeze Up interactive wet cat treats, taking treat time to a whole new level (or, giving treat time a whole new meaning!) Each .5 ounce lickable tube is stuffed with a rich and thick creamy puree in lip smacking flavors cats find absolutely pawtastic!!

    Squeeze Ups provide the purrfect bonding experience between you and your cat as you playfully and lovingly hand feed this irresistible treat directly to her. Hand feed or use as a savory food topper to entice finicky eaters to lick the bowl clean.

    Cat licking from a Delectables SqueezeUp tube. Delectables Squeeze Up is one of 5 squeezable cat treats

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