Dentist’s Best Hartz

Hartz® America's Prime™ All Natural Premium Chews for Dogs

SKU: 3270012360

Satisfy your aggressive chewer with Hartz® All Natural Bones for Dogs. Our bones are slow-roasted with a natural, smoked flavoring for a tasty, long-lasting treat your dog is sure to enjoy.

Available in these varieties

2-packMini SaddleSmoked Beef

Quantity Shape Flavor
1-pack Hambone Smoked Beef
2-pack Spare Rib Bones Smoked Beef (shown)
1-pack Ribeye Bone Smoked Beef
3-pack Pork Bones Smoked Beef
1-pack Knuckle Bone Smoked Beef
1-pack Mammoth Bone Smoked Beef
2-pack Small Knuckle Smoked Beef