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Hartz Cattraction with Silver Vine and Catnip® Bell Mouse™ Cat Toy

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  • Includes two sparkly mice, each with a compressed silver vine and catnip nose.
  • Lightweight toys are purrfect for your cat to carry, toss and bat.
  • Contains a natural, yet potent combination of silver vine and catnip.
  • Silver Vine is a vine that grows in the high mountainous regions of eastern Asia. It produces a natural and effective cat attractant that stimulates livelier play in more cats when compared to catnip alone.
  • Exercise your cat's natural instincts to explore and thrive in the world around them with toys that stimulate all of their natural play needs.
  • Non-toxic, natural and safe for cats of all ages.
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Product Description

Our Bell Mouse cat toy is perfect for batting around and chasing. This dynamic mice duo combines string,
rattles and bells to make playtime more fun.

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