• Made from 100% real chicken. Grain-free with no added fillers or by-products, no artificial colors, and no added preservatives.
  • Treat your pal by hand, in a bowl, or as a food topper.
  • Designed to be satisfying for the pickiest eaters! Available in three mouth-watering flavors: chicken, chicken & cheese, and chicken & beef.
  • This rich, thick puree provides a new and fun way to bond with your pup. Treat time will be something both you and your pup look forward to!
  • Know your pup! Hand feeding should be done carefully & is not suitable for children.
Flavor Quantity Size
Chicken & Beef 4 pack 1.4 oz.
Chicken & Cheese 4 pack 1.4 oz.
Chicken 4 pack 1.4 oz.
  • Product Description

    Hartz Delectables® Squeeze Up™ for small dogs is the first interactive lickable dog treat for dog parents and pups looking for a fun new way to bond. Pamper your pal using an irresistible treat made with real chicken that even the pickiest eaters will eagerly lick up. Just tear and squeeze - treating has never been so fun!

    Hartz Delectables® Squeeze Up™ for small dogs comes as a rich, thick puree in perfectly sized portions. Use it as a snack between meals, a topper for an extra tasty meal, or a fun activity to show your love and gain affection. Each Squeeze Up™ comes in an easy-to-feed tube that will have your pal licking their chops and begging for more.

    Hartz delectables squeeze up for small dogs being fed to a small dog.

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