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Wardley® Advanced Nutrition™ Perfect Protein™ Tropical Fish Flake Food – 1oz

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  • First fish food designed to provide the ideal balance of essential amino acids your tropical fish require without over-supplementing protein
  • Includes 1 ounce of high-quality marine protein flakes in a convenient, easy-to-store jar
  • Fortified with a stabilized form of vitamin C that promotes a healthy immune system in fish
  • Contains no added dyes that can harm fish or cloud water
3 oz.
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Product Description

Wardley Tropical Fish Food Flakes are a scientifically developed, high-quality protein diet that is formulated with fish meal, a highly digestible protein source, for better nutrition, less waste, and cleaner water. Formulated with vitamin C and antioxidants to bring out vibrant color in tropical fish. The immune support formula with vitamins and high quality nutrients help optimize your fish’s immune system for health and vitality.

Common Fish Ailments

All living things, including your aquarium fish, are subject to disease organisms and parasites.

Building a Fish Community

A small community of fish that are low maintenance is the way to start.

Feeding Your Fish While You’re Away

Some tips for feeding your fish while you are away.

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